Gratitude, it’s a word we hear a lot around Thanksgiving. But what does it truly mean? Does it mean were grateful for what we have? What we want? What we’ve done? Our family? Our friends? The answer is D all of the above. Gratitude makes us healthier. This in my opinion is a very true statement.
The evidence is in the document. Not only is there proof from the scientific info but from the personal info in the article. It states that people that are gracious have more happiness it’s proven scientifically, and I know personally it’s true. I’m not very gracious for the things I have, but when I am I find that being happy is very, very, VERY! Easy.
If you think about it most Americans are ungrateful. The life we live everyday, the freedom, the choices, the families we have we all take advantage of. When you think about it we don’t stop ourselves when we feel sad and think about what we have that some people would die for. I bet that if All of America stopped everyday and gave thanks to. What it has, we would be a much better place.