Myths, geez these things always seem to want to be proven correct or incorrect am I right? Yes, everyone proves myths wrong everyday. Just by by drawing breath in the morning your proving the Myth that anythings possible. Destructive myths (i gotta admit) are both tough to argue against. Such as you cant “multitask” and keep attention to both things. Which is (sadly) true. This article proved that along with a load of other myths.

Teachers unfortunately from what i’ve seen have done these myths before. All the time i see teachers writing an email and completely tuning out a student. Or even grading papers and ignoring a phone call. This is not a bad thing though. I mean were all human right? so even teachers (who we have the stereotypical thought that their perfect) make mistakes and thats perfectly fine.

All in all these myths are true. We prove them most days and usually we end up doing it unknowingly 🙂