Time management. It haunts us all in the back of our mind during the day. How do we fit this in? Howdo weflirt that in? All of those question were answered in 6 stepchecklist by Craig Jarrow. He explains that in 6 simple steps anyone that had a break and is coming back to work can get back on schedule.

He says that 6 steps is all it takes to get back on track and he’s right. The steps all in order are: 1-Clean your desk, or in an 8th graders shoes your backpack. By cleaning your workspace your more organized. 2-Empty your inbox. Check your planner an become organized and aware of your to dos. 3- review to do list, and know what to do. 4-Review calendar and become aware of specific dates with ¬†important dates. 5-Block your time and become organized with what to do and when to do it. 6-Get a head start

All in all follow that list and you will surely become moreorganized and officiant.