The internet. The modern invention that revolutionized the world. What has it come to though??? People stealing information, pictures, personal information, even financial things. Do we even have internet rights???

“Gordon’s photo has been viewed nearly 1 million times, and shown by media TV, Web and print news outlets around the world. She was paid by precisely five news organizations”
That Quote about Gordon defines how internet rights are violated. Everyday a photo that someone published on the internet is stolen. This proves that our internet rights are challenged because people steal photos without giving the photographer credit, or money. Gordons tale about her shuttle photo defines the challenge people put to our internet rights.

Today the world will post 9 billion things on facebook. Today we will send 19 billion texts. Today we will post 400 million photos. And today, over half of those things will be stolen, copied, or will not be credited to their rightful Author. So why is this like this? Why cant the world change to give us rights? Until we realize our mistakes, and what were doing when were on the internet we wont have rights. We need to first understand before trying to be understood, and be a proactive, and safe community