“Who lives in an article under the sea of Writing?” SpongeBob Writers that’s who! Think about it. Think of all the connections that characters in this childrens show have to the many writers today in Class, work, Articles, Books, and magazines! WE HAVE ALL MET A SPONGEBOB WRITER AND ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!


Some people are the “Mr Krabs” type of writers they only think about the profit. its not even about the reader its about the authors benefit. Then Theres always the “Plankton” Writer, Please please please people. DONT BE THAT GUY! The sneaky little Barnacle Brain attempts to steal work, and pitifully fails. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! And deal with your own work! You can only get better!!!!


So if we think about it. We can decide to be a “SpongeBob’ Writer. or “The 100% Effort” author that will go toe to toe with any challenge in writing and try to make it entertaining and fun! WE ALL CAN BE A SPONGEBOB!! Lets Strive to be the Square Pant Yellow man we see on the Tube, and be a good independent Writer!