Does practicing something make a difference? If i threw a ball at a wall 10 times a day harder and harder everytime would i get better and better? Or would someone that was born with what some people call “God given talent” just pass me up because they have an advantage that only the good lord himself can give? The Answer is sadly yes. People that practice will succeed in their activities, but people that have “God given talent” will pass them with less practice.


In a recent article I read i was told how Talent is made. In the article it explained how talent is both “Earned” and simply “Given”. The facts of this subject is that talent can be earned if you practice hard and long. But people that have natural ability will surpass you with less practice because their so skilled.

I guess the point of this article is in a sense t0 explain to you that practice makes you good, but if you dont practice enough  people that God blessed with talent will pass you by even if they practice less. so you HAVE to work hard to be the best.