Does recycling matter? Can even the smallest change in how things decompose make this world a better and safer place? Yes my Readers yes it can. And no other example but the Keurig Coffee companies attempts to change their companies packaging shows more excitement for this.

The Keurig company that produces the single cup coffee distributor faced a recent problem. The problem being they have all these cute little coffee cups, but no way to recycle them all. In a race to help planet Earth they have been trying numerous approaches to the slowly enlarging problem. They have attempted to make a recyclable cup, a reusable cup, and many other ideaS.

The Keurig companies hard attempted approach at editing their problem with recycling is both Insperational and Exciting. This company really has hopped on board with the concept of recycling. I believe with all their effort they WILL establish a good way to save the world, one, little cute coffee cup at a time.