“Come on work harder! I want you to be able to do this in your sleep!” This is a common statement by a coach or mentor of some kind to indicate towards a student or Trainee that he (or she) wants the student to be so good at the activity their doing that they can do it perfectly. Some experts say however that sometimes too much practice is bad. I feel opposed to them though. I feel that there isnt ever too much practice and you can ALWAYS have room for improvement.

You can always improvre. Even the “Pros” that are the best in the world at that activity say that even they can still get etter. They believe that even them, the people that have almost no flaws in that activity, can still improve in some way. Whether its getting better at a particular skill or getting better at doing a skill with another skill they are always trying to improve.

Another reason is no one is perfect. This statement simply describes the human race. Everyone in this world has flaws in activities and life in general. You will never find someone perfect in this world at everything. Even married couples say that they love their spouse not only for their greatness ut also their flaws.

So all in all practice can always be needed for people because everyone has something to improve on. Eventually everyone will get a ticket or get in trouble in some way. Eventually everyone that we think is perfect will show their flaws. Everyone will eventually need more practice.