Texting. This word pretty much sums up what teenagers of the modern America do. The question is though however, does texting hurt or help our youth. Many people say it can go either wat with being good or bad.

Texting could be good in ways of socializing. When we text we connect to each other socially and electrically. This allows us to keep up with a friend in massachuschetts and still be talking to a friend next door to us. It makes communicating very very easy long distance.

It can hurt us however in language. Many people that text shorten words or phrases and spell them wrong. Phrases like LOL and IDK make the English language become obsolete and unused.meventually it leads to students spelling simple words like “you” wrong

whether  your on your phone all day texting someone. Or you can’t stand the sight of this new technology.Texting is effecting our way of life everyday in goodways and bad ways. Texting is changing the common teenAger EVERY DAY!