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Texting. This word pretty much sums up what teenagers of the modern America do. The question is though however, does texting hurt or help our youth. Many people say it can go either wat with being good or bad.

Texting could be good in ways of socializing. When we text we connect to each other socially and electrically. This allows us to keep up with a friend in massachuschetts and still be talking to a friend next door to us. It makes communicating very very easy long distance.

It can hurt us however in language. Many people that text shorten words or phrases and spell them wrong. Phrases like LOL and IDK make the English language become obsolete and unused.meventually it leads to students spelling simple words like “you” wrong

whether ¬†your on your phone all day texting someone. Or you can’t stand the sight of this new technology.Texting is effecting our way of life everyday in goodways and bad ways. Texting is changing the common teenAger EVERY DAY!


1 why should we learn Holocaust

Because the Holocaust is a very significant event in history and shows how evil we truely are. If we learn about it we learn how to preserve our future and to honor those who died in the Holocaust.

Wha issue do you wanna learn about

I want to learn about Kony. Because he kidnapps children and i wanna stop it.

I wNt to learn about

1 What I heard from Chris that was meaningful was the lacking of self respect for the Jews. The Nazis would make the Jews strip completely naked and have no respect for them. They would just let them sit there and be completely naked….
2 In the book Night young Ellie overcomes many challenges. He survives through the selection by lying about his age. He beats starvation by eating every but of the foodie gets. And he survives a harsh journey from one concentration camp to the next even with an injured foot
3 An issue that is big to me today is Racism. I hate racist slurs racist comments or anything to do with racism. The holocaust began because some people got together and made racist things up about a group of people and it eventually led to A thing so so so so horrible people are still scared from it today….

“Come on work harder! I want you to be able to do this in your sleep!” This is a common statement by a coach or mentor of some kind to indicate towards a student or Trainee that he (or she) wants the student to be so good at the activity their doing that they can do it perfectly. Some experts say however that sometimes too much practice is bad. I feel opposed to them though. I feel that there isnt ever too much practice and you can ALWAYS have room for improvement.

You can always improvre. Even the “Pros” that are the best in the world at that activity say that even they can still get etter. They believe that even them, the people that have almost no flaws in that activity, can still improve in some way. Whether its getting better at a particular skill or getting better at doing a skill with another skill they are always trying to improve.

Another reason is no one is perfect. This statement simply describes the human race. Everyone in this world has flaws in activities and life in general. You will never find someone perfect in this world at everything. Even married couples say that they love their spouse not only for their greatness ut also their flaws.

So all in all practice can always be needed for people because everyone has something to improve on. Eventually everyone will get a ticket or get in trouble in some way. Eventually everyone that we think is perfect will show their flaws. Everyone will eventually need more practice.

Does recycling matter? Can even the smallest change in how things decompose make this world a better and safer place? Yes my Readers yes it can. And no other example but the Keurig Coffee companies attempts to change their companies packaging shows more excitement for this.

The Keurig company that produces the single cup coffee distributor faced a recent problem. The problem being they have all these cute little coffee cups, but no way to recycle them all. In a race to help planet Earth they have been trying numerous approaches to the slowly enlarging problem. They have attempted to make a recyclable cup, a reusable cup, and many other ideaS.

The Keurig companies hard attempted approach at editing their problem with recycling is both Insperational and Exciting. This company really has hopped on board with the concept of recycling. I believe with all their effort they WILL establish a good way to save the world, one, little cute coffee cup at a time.

Does practicing something make a difference? If i threw a ball at a wall 10 times a day harder and harder everytime would i get better and better? Or would someone that was born with what some people call “God given talent” just pass me up because they have an advantage that only the good lord himself can give? The Answer is sadly yes. People that practice will succeed in their activities, but people that have “God given talent” will pass them with less practice.


In a recent article I read i was told how Talent is made. In the article it explained how talent is both “Earned” and simply “Given”. The facts of this subject is that talent can be earned if you practice hard and long. But people that have natural ability will surpass you with less practice because their so skilled.

I guess the point of this article is in a sense t0 explain to you that practice makes you good, but if you dont practice enough  people that God blessed with talent will pass you by even if they practice less. so you HAVE to work hard to be the best.

“Who lives in an article under the sea of Writing?” SpongeBob Writers that’s who! Think about it. Think of all the connections that characters in this childrens show have to the many writers today in Class, work, Articles, Books, and magazines! WE HAVE ALL MET A SPONGEBOB WRITER AND ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!


Some people are the “Mr Krabs” type of writers they only think about the profit. its not even about the reader its about the authors benefit. Then Theres always the “Plankton” Writer, Please please please people. DONT BE THAT GUY! The sneaky little Barnacle Brain attempts to steal work, and pitifully fails. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! And deal with your own work! You can only get better!!!!


So if we think about it. We can decide to be a “SpongeBob’ Writer. or “The 100% Effort” author that will go toe to toe with any challenge in writing and try to make it entertaining and fun! WE ALL CAN BE A SPONGEBOB!! Lets Strive to be the Square Pant Yellow man we see on the Tube, and be a good independent Writer!

Most knife wounds, especially mechete wounds are fatal, and if its to the face you have a very slim chance of living. But in the case of young Anthony in Kenya these odds are beaten. In a mono e mono fight the young man survives a Machete to the face, and soon became a hero?

Young Anthony of a small village in Africa recently suffered a almost fatal Machete wound to the head. In an attempt to fend off raiding thiefs the young man Auffered a Machete wound, and still fought them off. This mans courageous act to protect the orphanage he works at caught ear of some people in the United States that made donations for him.

This world needs more Anthonies, more people that will do anything to protect what they believe in. If we could strive to be the best person we can be, we too can be heroes, and make a difference in many peoples life.

The internet. The modern invention that revolutionized the world. What has it come to though??? People stealing information, pictures, personal information, even financial things. Do we even have internet rights???

“Gordon’s photo has been viewed nearly 1 million times, and shown by media TV, Web and print news outlets around the world. She was paid by precisely five news organizations”
That Quote about Gordon defines how internet rights are violated. Everyday a photo that someone published on the internet is stolen. This proves that our internet rights are challenged because people steal photos without giving the photographer credit, or money. Gordons tale about her shuttle photo defines the challenge people put to our internet rights.

Today the world will post 9 billion things on facebook. Today we will send 19 billion texts. Today we will post 400 million photos. And today, over half of those things will be stolen, copied, or will not be credited to their rightful Author. So why is this like this? Why cant the world change to give us rights? Until we realize our mistakes, and what were doing when were on the internet we wont have rights. We need to first understand before trying to be understood, and be a proactive, and safe community

Alliteration – repetition of the first sound of a word in a sentence
Appositive – noun phrase placed after a comma to further describe an object
Authors purpose – reason for writing piece of literature
Characterization – art of creating characters for narrative story
Diction – style of speaking or writing
Imagery – use of figures of speech
Metaphor – figure of speech using story to represent less tangible item
Noun – person place thing
Personification – giving non human things human traits
Plot – storyline
Summarize – sum up story in your own words
Supporting details – details that support main idea
Symbolism – an object symbolizing a meaning
Synonym – a word that has same basic meaning as another
Theme – describes the genre or ideas of book, literature
Tone – how authors speaking
Transisitions – changing from one idea to another