Do all Character traits have to be good? No not at all. Good character traits are good and help your social activity but bad traits are still ok. Being imperfect is what makes us perfect if we don’t have bad traits then were perfect and a perfect society is pointless. Without imperfection there’s nothing unique about us.

Bad traits help us be


Time management. It haunts us all in the back of our mind during the day. How do we fit this in? Howdo weflirt that in? All of those question were answered in 6 stepchecklist by Craig Jarrow. He explains that in 6 simple steps anyone that had a break and is coming back to work can get back on schedule.

He says that 6 steps is all it takes to get back on track and he’s right. The steps all in order are: 1-Clean your desk, or in an 8th graders shoes your backpack. By cleaning your workspace your more organized. 2-Empty your inbox. Check your planner an become organized and aware of your to dos. 3- review to do list, and know what to do. 4-Review calendar and become aware of specific dates with ┬áimportant dates. 5-Block your time and become organized with what to do and when to do it. 6-Get a head start

All in all follow that list and you will surely become moreorganized and officiant.

New years resolutions. There a thing commonly spoken about in conversation. In your family. Or even now a days on Facebook. They define the common goals of common people. Some involve weight loss, going to church more, or even communicating more with your family.

My new years resolution is trying better person. I want to be the absolute best person I can be by giving my best effort oneverything I do eventful to make everyone’s day brighter. By doing this I will be more thankful for my friends and family.

Most of the time though resolutions don’t hold. People become lazy. We break our promises and resolutions and end up stopping the resolution. If everyone kept their resolution, this world would be a much better place.

On the benchmark next week I plan on studying hard and earning a 100% bystudying 20 extra minutes a night!

Last year I read

20120103-102223.jpg So far this year I have read….

20120103-102316.jpg By the end of the year, my goal is to read


Myths, geez these things always seem to want to be proven correct or incorrect am I right? Yes, everyone proves myths wrong everyday. Just by by drawing breath in the morning your proving the Myth that anythings possible. Destructive myths (i gotta admit) are both tough to argue against. Such as you cant “multitask” and keep attention to both things. Which is (sadly) true. This article proved that along with a load of other myths.

Teachers unfortunately from what i’ve seen have done these myths before. All the time i see teachers writing an email and completely tuning out a student. Or even grading papers and ignoring a phone call. This is not a bad thing though. I mean were all human right? so even teachers (who we have the stereotypical thought that their perfect) make mistakes and thats perfectly fine.

All in all these myths are true. We prove them most days and usually we end up doing it unknowingly ­čÖé

Shortcuts, a simple creation to make things easier to do for the lazy people of the world. But hey I’m not going to complain. I use shortcuts all the time. You can use them for websites, typing, ┬áor for your benefits. I recently ┬áread a article about diferent kinds of key board shortcuts, and this is my response:)


After reading the article I can honestly say that taught me nothing. Being an owner of Apple products for Most of my life I knew all the shortcuts. I will say this however, had I never been an owner of an Apple product that guide wouldhave been very helpful. It showed a good amount of tips.


I think if we should make a newshortcut it should be an easy access to your history. That way you may access all of the files you recently visited

Gratitude, it’s a word we hear a lot around Thanksgiving. But what does it truly mean? Does it mean were grateful for what we have? What we want? What we’ve done? Our family? Our friends? The answer is D all of the above. Gratitude makes us healthier. This in my opinion is a very true statement.
The evidence is in the document. Not only is there proof from the scientific info but from the personal info in the article. It states that people that are gracious have more happiness it’s proven scientifically, and I know personally it’s true. I’m not very gracious for the things I have, but when I am I find that being happy is very, very, VERY! Easy.
If you think about it most Americans are ungrateful. The life we live everyday, the freedom, the choices, the families we have we all take advantage of. When you think about it we don’t stop ourselves when we feel sad and think about what we have that some people would die for. I bet that if All of America stopped everyday and gave thanks to. What it has, we would be a much better place.

My English class is the best! Everyday I am challenged not only to give my best effort, but to be independent. This class makes me think as an individual not as a brainless child just sitting and taking in information. This class truly prepares me for the real world!


To me electronically i am a follower and a spectator. I enjoy going and checking all my Facebook news feeds and Twitter etc etc but i also like to go and watch Youtube or maybe go and watch a video or Animoto because some people have videos that have meaning and perspective on the world and knowing how another persons life is like will greatly make you appreciate what you have.